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There are no straight lines in nature. Anyone who knows Lorraine Massey will recognize this statement. Lorraine’s newest venture, Spiral (x,y,z) is a salon and generative space where her many passions come together, physically and metaphysically. The spiral form conjures up many images throughout history— from gods and goddesses adorning Botticelli spirals, the Fibonacci sequence, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, Louise Bourgeois’ spiral drawings, to the Triskele or Triple Spiral; a complex ancient Celtic symbol from Newgrange which derives its name from the Greek word ‘Triskeles’. And, there is the Solar System itself, in which about a third of known galaxies are flat spirals.

Lorraine Massey has been an integral voice in the Curly community for over two decades, championing the case for natural hair and the first to create a product void of sulfates found in shampoo that dries out hair and pollutes our waters.

In 1993, Lorraine founded Devachan in NYC, the coveted Curly hair salon. A few years later, she was the first to create No(Sham)Poo, a 100% sulfate free product line. Massey is once again bringing her knowledge of Curls to the forefront with the introduction of a brand her new line of carefully curated artisanal hair care products. CurlyWorld is a unique and transformative collection aimed to inspire an organic bond with the hair that’s natural to oneself. Each CurlyWorld product is generously infused with high quality botanicals that include the resurrection plant, bamboo extract, aloe vera, and coconut water—all of which help to nourish and protect your hair, as it’s something you wear everyday of your life.

Spiral (x,y,z) will also be a central hub for Curl by Curl™️ Classes, workshops and sink tanks.

Massey travels the world teaching all things Curly and has written three critically acclaimed books: Curly Girl: The Handbook, Silver Hair: The Handbook and Curly Kids: The Handbook.


Lorraine Massey

Born and bred in the UK, Lorraine Massey has been instrumental in pioneering the booming Curly Girl movement. Dedicated to educating and sharing her unique hair methodology, Lorraine was the first to introduce the “No(Sham)Poo" ideology to the hair world with the launch of NoPoo, a 100% sulfate free product. Over the course of two decades, Lorraine founded Devachan salon and the Devacurl product line, authored three critically acclaimed hair care books: Curly Girl: The Handbook, Silver Hair: The Handbook and Curly Kids: The Handbook. Lorraine too brought the revered Curly Girl Method to life, which has since been adopted by millions worldwide. Within the past few years, Lorraine has transitioned her time and energy into new territories, offering a fresh perspective to the curly community. Today, Lorraine is the sole owner of Spiral (x,y,z) and the CurlyWorld product line. In addition to educating from behind the chair at her salon, Lorraine spends her days traveling the world, from Egypt to Australia, teaching the Curl by Curl method through interactive workshops and classes. Lorraine will soon be launching an updated and expanded addition of Curly Girl: The Handbook.

Edward Joseph

Edward Joseph (Ed) has been a hairstylist and colorist for over 21 years, trained directly under Lorraine Massey, the original curly girl and founder of CG and Curl by Curl method. Ed is one of the original Curly hair stylists, with years of experience developing products for curly hair applications, designing hair for Broadway shows, and contributing to editorial photoshoots and books, including Curly Girl: The Handbook. Ed is not only a wildly talented curly hair expert, his mastery as a colorist has led him to develop his own unique hair painting technique that is individually tailored to address all Curl types and hair textures. He has traveled the country teaching his expertise and has joined the CurlyWorld team to teach Curl by Curl™️ Cutting and his Color by Curl™️ method at Spiral x,y,z and beyond.

Vitoria Wense

Originally from Brazil, Vitoria Wense has been an integral part of the Curl community from its inception over 20 years ago. Vitoria has worked primarily with Curl stylists and colorist and possesses an uncanny ability to patiently organize schedules, whilst lovingly welcoming and remembering every single guest that visits the salon. Always happy to see you, Vitoria has a genuine way of making you feel right at home.